Coaching Packages

A great place to start, if you are considering ADHD coaching, is to book a free 30 minute initial consultation. Your consulation will usually take place over zoom, though you can select a telephone or Google Meet call if you prefer.

We will talk a little bit about what life has been like for you up till now, and about how you would like things to be in the future. I can tell you a bit more about how stregnths-based coaching sessions with me are structured, and how I work with clients.

It is good to take a bit of time to reflect before deciding whether to go ahead and schedule your coaching sessions, so you will not be asked to book your coaching sessions during your initial consultation

If you decide to go ahead, I normally recommend that clients sign up for 10 coaching sessions initially, as this allows time and space for different challenges to surface, and for me to provide or create the right resources that will work for your brain. As I am sure you know, all ADHD brains are different, so the resources I provide will be specifically adapted for you.

I build session preparation, a weekly follow-up email, and resource planning into my pricing.

I offer online or face-to-face coaching sessions. 

Face-to-face sessions are £100, and these take place at the ETNA Centre, East Twickenham.

Online sessions are £85.

I recommend booking a block of 10 sessions. Further session blocks, or single sessions can be booked. 

You will receive a summary report following your 10 sessions which is free of charge. Further session blocks, or one-off sessions can be booked.

Book a free 30 minute initial consultation

If you are considering coaching, and want to talk through the areas you would like support with, and learn more about the stregnths-based approach l use during sessions, then pleae contact me for a free 30 minute initial consultation.

During the consultation, I will ask you a couple of questions about what life has been like up till now, and how you would like it to be in the future.

I will not ask you to book coaching sessions during the call. That is for you to decide in your own time afterwards.

To book an initial consultation:

Select ‘book a free consultation’ on the ‘contact me’ form, and I will get back to you with my availability.

Book a single coaching session

These one-off sessions can be really useful for clients who have completed their 10-week coaching course, and are feeling strong, confident, and self-compassionate, but would like support with a current challange.

To book a single coaching session:

Select ‘book a single coaching session’ on the ‘contact me’ form, and I will get back to you with my availability.

Book a block of 10 weekly coaching sessions

Weeks 1-2: Goal setting and identifying strengths.

Goals may shift and change during the 10 weeks, as your confidence, self-compassion, and priorities change.

Weeks 3-9: Focus Sessions

Used to identify, unpick, and rebuild the thought processes that are needed for strong progress to be made. It is in these sessions that we identify and use strategies that work with your brain.

Week 10: Summary and Review of Progress

This is an important session where we reflect on what has changed for you. Following this session, you will receive a written summary of your progress and coaching journey, including the resources you have learned to use.

To book a block of 10 coaching sessions:

Select ‘book a block of 10 coaching sessions’ on the ‘contact me’ form, and I will get back to you with my availability.

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