Coaching for Parents

There is no getting away from the fact that our current education system is designed by and for neurotypical brains. What we aim for with ADHD coaching and training, is to build self-compassion, a heightened awareness of our own strengths, and knowledge and understanding of strategies that work to support you and your child. 

Why is ADHD coaching a great resource for parents?

Parents of neurodivergent children experience a unique set of pressures and challenges. Our children have great strengths. They also tend to have a strong preference for thinking and working in ways that may not align with what is expected of them at school.

As their parents, we may experience anxiety and high levels of stress because of factors such as the expectation that we keep our children organised for school, not to mention their extracurricular activities, and homework.

Our patience and support is needed more often, and we usually spend more hours planning and strategising ways to support our children. Moreover, parents of neurodivergent children are often neurodivergent too; so, where many parents will rightly feel exacerbated juggling work and personal tasks, with parenting responsibilities; parents of neurodivergent children have an even higher load; for instance, those of us with ADHD have more pressure on our resources to start with because of racing or overstimulated brains and strong emotions.

What I can do to help you:

I have huge empathy for your experience; both as a parent of neurodivergent children, and as someone who went through school with undiagnosed ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyslexia.

The knowledge I have gained with this lived experience, paired with my cognitive neuroscience background, means that when I look at a behaviour, experience, mood or emotion, I see the wiring behind it, as well as the emotional toll, and I understand what strategies can really support your child and yourself, and why.

My in-depth understanding of executive function processing and ADHD hardwiring, gives me a perspective that I can share with you, to build your confidence as a parent, and help you think about what you are already doing that is working, as well as what else can help support you and your child. I will work with you as a parent and with you as an individual, to harness your strengths and your resources.

Coaching is a resource that will give you space to think, feel, plan, and grow.

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